< sen·ti·ment > the prevailing attitude of investors as to anticipated price development in a market.

Emotions rule markets.

Financial markets aren't rational. Emotions influence asset pricing.

SNTMNT captures these emotions by analyzing social media sentiment.

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What we do best

Our proprietary sentiment algorithms distill signals from millions of messages. These signals enable our clients to benefit from profitable trades or timely hedges.

Royal Dutch Shell ( RDSA )

What the industry is saying

The most important, high-level discussion about economics, earnings, investing and trading is taking place between the smartest people on Twitter and StockTwits.

Josh Brown - Reformed Broker

Big Data is not a technology issue, it's really a business and leadership issue.

Michael Bloomberg - Flowers, NYC.

There’s a growing movement around using social media sentiment as a stock guide, and SNTMNT is a startup that has today launched an API which can be used to monitor Twitter-based stock sentiment.

Martin Bryant - The Next Web