Specialized technology

Financial markets aren't purely rational. Emotions play a large part in asset pricing. SNTMNT captures these emotions, as well as the “wisdom of the crowd”, through social media messages. Applying our custom-built and unique sentiment algorithms we extract sentiment from these millions of messages.

Big Data

We process more than ten million social media messages every day


Sentiment is analyzed in these messages using our financial sentiment algorithms


We provide our clients with actionable insights into these sentiments

Actionable market insights

Our sentiment algorithms are trained to recognise specific language by market professionals.
We capture opinion moves that go unnoticed by generic sentiment algorithms.

Yahoo ( YHOO )

No matter what your investment horizon is: SNTMNT insights™ has got you covered.
Whether you're spotting short-term stock momentum or monitoring a long-term position.


Platform delivery & customization

Our clients include financial institutions like brokers, banks, asset managers and hedge funds.
We deliver our analytics through our API, (custom) monitoring terminals or complete solutions.